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logo design / Typography / UI Design / illustration

Man's Best Friend is a short film by Natasha Blass and Alex Mallonee. Set in modern day San Francisco, the film depicts an evening in the life of Martin, a young, antisocial tech executive whose connections with other people exist solely through visage of his iPhone. 

My work on this film was comprehensive and required involvement at nearly every stage of production. It included various logo & typographic designs, a style guide, graphic concepts, postproduction graphic assets for animation, apparel design, film posters, and other promotional materials.



Film Logo & Type design


Alternate Logo Explorations



Film Posters

I was commissioned to produce two posters for the film. The first was a teaser poster that was commissioned during preproduction and was designed to conceal the film’s plot and characters. The second was a hand-painted 27 by 41 inch character poster featuring the film’s protagonist, Martin, which debuted along with the film.


teaser poster

feature poster


Sketches / Color Concepts


Concept Sketches



Still frames - ui graphics & type design

I designed the film's on-screen smart phone user interfaces, which included parodical logos for famous apps, mock user interfaces, which were animated by Alex Mallonee during postproduction. 


Still frame with Man's Best Friend Title

"Quickshop" menu

"WOOF" walker request interface

"WOOF" walker rating screen

"WOOF" interface: error notification

"Kindling" matches UI

"Quickshop" cart interface

"WOOF" app loading icon

"Instaglam" feed UI

Credit type

"Luber" review

"Quickshop" comment interface

"WOOF" map/request interface

"WOOF" logo on padlock

Credit type


UI Designs

App Logos

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T-Shirt Design + WOOF Logo

Mockup of "WOOF" company t-shirt design

Mockup of "WOOF" company t-shirt design

Still frame featuring t-shirt design

Still frame featuring the t-shirt design

Still frame featuring the t-shirt design