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logo / Corporate I.D. & branding / type

Elephant Books is a subscription-based online children's book club which aims to provide families and their kids with opportunities to make reading time more engaging and memorable. 

The objective was to create a visual corporate identity in a clean, modern, and whimsical manner, which would appeal to both children and parents.  The project included a typographic depiction of the company name, a company logo suite including digital and analog variants, color scheme and style guide.


Finished Logo


The ultimate goal was to provide a Children's Product to Parent Consumers, so the team at Elephant Books wanted a logo that was sophisticated, yet whimsical... playful but not too cutesy. They wanted an image accessible to young children, that could also "live on" with their growing business, in case their market were to shift to include books for older ages or young adults.

Logo Variations

From the project's outset it was clear that we would need variations on the logo: a version incorporating the company name as well as a standalone icon. Additionally, variations of the logo were developed for a variety of uses, including digital (website, social media, online communications) and physical (packaging, boxes, stickers, custom printing, forms, pencils, stamps, etc.)


Initial Sketches

I developed a range of concept sketches exploring themes synonymous with both elephants and children's reading experiences; family, exploration, and generational learning.

Type Exploration

The client was provided with an extensive compilation of font families for consideration.

Color Variations

The client wanted a fun and energetic color that was not gender-specific. Several iterations of color palates were delivered before arriving at the final colors. 

Packaging & Implementation

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Final packaging and Library Kit


Elements of the Library Kit, including envelope, library cards, and reading tip sheet


Elements of the Library Kit in use